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There are many benefits to joining the Alpha team. Some of the key reasons reporters select Alpha as their agency include:

  • Family first environment

  • Paid on billables, not receivables

  • We do production, so you eliminate production headaches

  • Billing and collecting are done by Alpha, allowing you to focus on reporting!

  • Scheduling flexibility

  • Access to scoping and proofing

  • Continuing education opportunities to make it easy and affordable to keep your certification up-to-date

  • Online access to job information

  • Provide latest technology to your clients

  • Online client access to transcripts, exhibits, and video

  • Offer additional services to your clients

  • Direct deposit

  • Paid biweekly

  • Medical and dental insurance

  • 401(k) retirement plan


What Alpha reporters say...

"I have been with Alpha now for over eight years. As a previous agency owner myself, I recognize that Kathy May and company run Alpha reporting very well, very fair, very >> professional..." Brian Dominski, LCR, former agency owner, RPR, RMR, RPR.

"Alpha makes my life so much easier!! Without the support of such amazing people I wouldn't be the mother and wife that I am today. Alpha works with my busy schedule, which allows for greater flexability, less-stress, and better income potential. I feel that everyone who is associated with Alpha Reporting is my extended family. Thank you to my Alpha Family for all that you do to make life easier and much more enjoyable." Dana Webb, LCR.

"I came to Alpha in 1998, not knowing if I even wanted to continue in this profession. I can honestly say there is no place I'd rather be." Korian Neal.

"My goal and passion for court reporting has been to stay abreast of the latest in technology, to become certified in providing realtime and LiveNote to my clients. I love sharing with my clients information on how technology can help them in the practice of law. Memphis has a jewel in Alpha and I have found a new home." Monna McCormick, LCR, CLR (certified livenote reporter), RPR, CRR

"I have been with the Alpha team almost eight years now. After taking a hiatus from Alpha it only took me 9 months to figure out where I belong. As a court reporter at Alpha I don't have to worry about billing, collecting or delivering transcripts. They even have a scoping and proofing department to make my life easier, which allows me more time with my family!"Sherri Allen, LCR

"You actually wouldn't believe how many times I've been asked by firm owners how you do it (after they see I've worked for Alpha on my resume). I always laugh, and tell them it's too many things to even begin to tell them. No firm I've worked for since I left Alpha has offered the kind of structure that Alpha offers." Sandra Ventura, LCR

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I want to let you know that I appreciate Alpha Reporting.
- Brenda - Legal Assistant, Glankler Brown, Memphis, TN
Of the many reasons I like to do business with Alpha . . . . .
- Edward Bearman, Esq., Johnson Grusin & Surprise

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