Videography - 1st Class

We Bridge the State and Cover the Nation
with 1st Class Legal Videography!

Our highly skilled Certified Legal Video Specialists and deposition videographers can help take your litigation to the next level. Sometimes words alone cannot tell the whole story. A deponent's hesitancy, inflection, and body language help a judge and jury see beyond the written transcript. 
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Ready, Camera, Action!  All of our legal videography services include:

  • Videos Shot In High Definition
  • One Set of master media for archive and duplication
  • Backdrops and lighting as needed
  • Videographer arrives 1 hour before scheduled start time
  • Professional grade microphones for counsel and witness

For more information about our legal videography services, please call 1-800-556-8974 or email us at info [at] alphareporting [dot] com.

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