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With Alpha’s national partners we are able to provide consistent and dependable delivery anytime/anywhere. You can be confident when booking your local or out-of-town court reporting jobs through Alpha that you will receive the Alpha standard...1st in Reporting, 1st in Service, 1st in Technology.

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Alpha is synonymous with 1st. We are true to our name by establishing 1st as our standard, including the adoption of a “Client 1st” philosophy. As a single-source solution, choose Alpha as your 1st Choice when it comes to discovery, right up to presentation before. . . .

Alpha Reporting has a client 1st philosophy

Kathy H. May, RPR, CCR, LCR

President, CEO
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Alpha Reporting

Legal Solutions

When it comes to presenting your case, Alpha Legal Solutions is here to assist. No matter how large or small the case, Alpha Legal Solutions is your right choice for full service litigation support.

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Full Service
Court Reporting Firm

Alpha is a full-service court reporting firm that goes above and beyond to provide our clients with the most accurate and professional court reporters.

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