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Make Alpha Your First Choice

Alpha is looking for the best of the best in the court reporting industry to join the Alpha Team. (Contact Us) 

Alpha Reporting Corporation is a enterprising and dynamic, established firm seeking highly skilled court reporters and tech-savvy individuals. We invite team members with the following skill sets:

  • Great attitudes
  • Strong work ethics
  • Skilled and experienced
  • Committed to a team concept
  • Ethical at every level
  • Kind communication skills
  • Drive and desire to serve and service the legal community in a an exemplary way.

In addition to welcoming subcontractors, Alpha is unique in that we offer the opportunity for employee status, which includes a full benefit package: health insurance, worker’s comp, life insurance, 401(k), dental, AFLAC, matched Federal taxes, longevity pay, pay on billable with direct deposit twice a month, all while still affording reporters flexible schedules.

1st in Establishing the Alpha Employee-Reporter Concept

For the first 22 years of Alpha’s existence, just like 99% of the court reporting firms in the industry, all of the court reporters were subcontractors. Kathy May, CEO and founder, as a reporter herself, recognized that the reporters, the firm, and the clients benefited when reporters had the option of becoming employees. Alpha is a leader in developing the employee-reporter concept, which is revolutionary and paramount in helping to meet the needs of reporters and their families, while at the same time building opportunities unique to the industry.

If you would like to be part of a company whose reputation is synonymous with success and quality service, a name that is synonymous with 1st in Reporting, 1st in Service and 1st in Technology, and your skills reflect these values and strengths, we hope you will consider…

. . . . making Alpha your 1st choice.

If you would like to learn more about career opportunities here at Alpha, please call and speak to Lisa Richmond at 1-800-556-8974. If you would like to apply at Alpha, please send your resume to careers [at] alphareporting [dot] com, or CLICK HERE to apply online.