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When it comes to what clients think of Alpha, they are the ones who can say it best!

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What Alpha clients have to say . . . 

Of the many reasons I like to do business with Alpha is despite the fact they are the largest group in our market, they always treat me and my cases with a great deal of individualized attention and customer support.

—Edward Bearman, Esq. Johnson Grusin & Surprise

If longevity is an indication of staying power and strength, if experience breeds wisdom, if integrity demands respect, then Alpha is the personification of a powerhouse and a leader in the industry.

—Regina Guy, Esq. Spence Law Firm

Love your tagline. Alpha Reporting Corporation certainly lives up to your motto by providing skilled court reporters, videographers, the latest in technology, friendly, professional and accommodating service, all of which makes Alpha first in my book.

—Sherry Lowe, Legal Assistant Burch Porter & Johnson

Having been in the legal industry, what seems a lifetime, I recognize a strong organization when I see one. Alpha has risen to the forefront of their industry by delivering quality standards, the latest in technology and strong professional ethics.

—Allison Poché, Paralegal Glankler Brown

It is a pleasure to deal with Alpha and those associated with your office. Ethical standards and integrity is an important and integral element of the legal industry. Alpha Reporting and your team members personify those standards, which is something to be proud of. Thank you for your honesty.

—Renée Allen, Legal Assistant Jackson Lewis Law Firm

Personally, I admire your company so very much. You are great community partners, your company just gives and gives and gives. You are innovative, cutting edge, provide a great service to lawyers and their clients and a fabulous working environment to your employees. I wish I were a Court Reporter so I could come work for you!!

—Linda Seely, Esq. Past President of MBA and Tennessee Lawyers Association for Women, Rule 31 Mediator

I have been in the legal field for over 30 years and have experienced court reporting services from Texas to Connecticut to Tennessee. I find the management, the office staff, and the court reporters of Alpha Reporting to be professional, friendly, informative, dependable, timely, and most of all, accurate and up-to-date in this high tech world.

—Gail Powell, PLS

I would recommend Alpha to anyone who needs court reporting services. They are always professional, efficient, timely with all their work, and the staff is always friendly and helpful whether it be a regularly scheduled deposition or a last minute emergency. Alpha will always be my first choice for court reporting services.

—Heather Bassett, Legal Assistant Ortale, Kelley Herbert & Crawford

I think that the court reporter did the best job of anyone I've ever worked with. It was the most accurate transcript of any deposition I have given -- and this was a marathon, 8-hour session.

—B. Keith English, M.D.

It's great to work with someone like Alpha, and have them coordinate video conference depositions when deposing out of town witnesses. No more hunting through websites to find an out-of-town court reporter and videographer. . . .

—Denise Barnes, Paralegal Allen, Summers, Simpson, Lillie & Gresham, PLLC

I had a deposition that needed to be scheduled in Florida. I called Alpha and within a few hours had a confirmed reporter and location. This is a great service! We are all so busy and to know I can call Alpha to schedule depositions NATIONWIDE with OneCall is huge!

—Jennifer Stone, Paralegal Ford & Harrison, LLP

Thinking back over the years, I can honestly say that in that entire time we have never experienced anything other than complete professionalism, incredible service, great attitudes and the willingness to go the extra mile from everyone associated with Alpha.

—Kelly Gordon, Secretary Owens Law Firm, PA

Great job in figuring out who said what in a conversation that involved many different participants. Good accuracy on the technical parts of the conversation, with the added plus of a friendly and helpful staff. Thank you for your help in meeting this important deadline.

—Nancy Gaia, Legal Assistant Law Office of Kathleen Caldwell

One of my favorite things about booking with Alpha is their repository system. It is very user friendly and is available before I even get the transcript in the mail!

—Bonnie Anoskey, Secretary Stites & Harbison

Alpha offers wonderful service - state-wide. They are fast and efficient. I particularly love being able to access depositions on my laptop any time of the day. Alpha's high-tech expertise is remarkable. The videographers and reporters are dependable, and the transcripts are accurate - beyond question.

—Kathleen Caldwell, Esq. Law Office of Kathleen Caldwell

My office has come to depend on Alpha when it comes to our video needs. The high definition equipment and professional videographers set them apart from all the rest. 

—Louis P. Chiozza, Jr., Esq. Law Offices of Louis P. Chiozza

Alpha's ability to incorporate exhibits into the video depositions brings a new dimension to play-back during a trial... I've seen the dramatic effect an incorporated exhibit can make on a jury.

—Denise Barnes, Paralegal Allen, Summers, Simpson, Lillie & Gresham, PLLC

The video conferencing deposition went very well and I would definitely recommend your services not only to other members of my office but to my colleagues in the legal community. Thank you for your assistance.

—Henry Klein, Esq. Apperson Crump - Since 1865

Not only a time saver for me and an expense saver for my clients, but the quality is not any different than being across the table, so why even consider traveling when you have this luxury. No airports, no hotels no travel expense or headaches to deal with. Thank you and your staff for your assistance and your attention to details.

—John Wheeler, Esq. Mitchell, McNutt, McNabb

The online availability and storage of transcripts and exhibits is convenient and easily accessible.

—Kelly Gordon, Secretary Owens & Owens

With the online repository, first class accommodations, and kind friendly staff, your services are unmatched by others in this region.

—Joseph Dulaney, Esq. Dulaney Law Firm

Alpha Reporting has covered my reporting needs now for close to 35 years. Not only do they provide excellent service, but they embrace all the latest technology.

—Andrew Owens, Esq. Owens & Owens

I really appreciate you taking the time to inform and show me Alpha's latest technology. It's really great to know that your services are just a keystroke away! Your updated services will save me a lot of time and the firm a lot of money. This is information I can use to make my job easier. Thanks again for your time. 

—Treka Edwards, Paralegal Evans Petree Bogatin PC

Jurors seem to respond favorably to the WOW factor, and Alpha Legal Solutions was there to deliver. Alpha has been an integral and vital part of successful verdicts for my clients throughout West Tennessee.

—Glenn Vines, Esq. Nahon, Saharovich & Trotz

"I have been a fan of Alpha Reporting, for my entire, LONG, career in the legal field, so I was very happy to learn that Alpha has entered the document production field. The management and the staff at Alpha are eager to please, listen to what I need and do everything possible to deliver a great product, on time and with a smile." 

—Nancy Morrow, Paralegal Heaton & Moore, P.C.

You are so nice to work with. Very professional and always dependable. I recommend Alpha frequently. You've never disappointed me.

—Debbie McGinnis, Assistant Sutter O'Connell Co.

Alpha is the ideal corporate citizen. Their service is second to none; their innovation is always a step ahead; and they have a huge heart for our community.

—Frank Cantrell Deputy Director and General Counsel, MALS

Alpha goes the extra mile when it comes to service, making Alpha my first choice for over 30 years.  Being the trend setter when it comes to embracing, sharing and advancing the latest technology, has allowed me and my firm to better service our clients.

—Don G. Owens, Esq. Owens & Owens

Alpha Reporting is a very professional, competent and dependable group, dedicated to meeting the needs of the client.

—Kristina Woo, Esq. Spence Law Firm

I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” to all of Alpha for being there for my trial team this week!  The use of your space, technology, resources, and (God bless them) your WONDERFUL STAFF most definitely made the stresses of a jury trial much less painful than normal.  We were well taken care of and it was a great comfort for me to know I could rely on Alpha for virtually ANYTHING we needed.

—Annitta A. Bailey, Paralegal Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

Thankfully your expert technician designed a plan by which he could database and index all my exhibits so that he could retrieve them instantaneously. Not only did he have all exhibits ingested and indexed systematically, but he also familiarized himself with all data and exhibits so that he could immediately retrieve and demonstrate same upon my mere mention of a document or photo or subject.  I could not have tried my case without him and he was very instrumental in my successful presentation of such a complicated case.

—Don R. Riddle, Esq. The Riddle Law Firm

Thank you so much for the friendly, speedy & professional service that you provided to our firm. You made taking out of state depositions a breeze. It was great to work with you. You have a friend in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and we will continue to use your services should the need arise in the future.

—Nicole Crawford, Paralegal McKernan Law Firm

The thing I appreciate and like about Alpha is that you listened to my instructions and really personalized my needs and preferences.

—Dixie Burcham, Legal Assistant Allen, Summers, Simpson, Lillie & Gresham PLLC

I want to let you know that I appreciate Alpha Reporting. You make my job so much easier. Scheduling a deposition I like picking up the phone and actually speaking with someone rather than schedule on line. Everyone is always so friendly and helpful. I like the fact that if we need a court reporter in Memphis or out-of-state, it is handled by your staff efficiently and timely. It takes the stress out of my job in that area. Thanks to all of you at Alpha for what you do for us as we assist our attorneys. You are appreciated!

—Brenda Pannell, Legal Assistant Glankler Brown, Memphis, TN

I've been a secretary with Owens Law Firm for 16 years and in that time our Firm has dealt exclusively with Alpha Reporting. Thinking back over the years, I can honestly say that in that entire time we have never experienced anything other than complete professionalism, incredible service, great attitudes and the willingness to go the extra mile from everyone associated with Alpha including management, the reporters and the office staff. We have used Alpha's reporting and video services for an untold number of depositions and trials. On very short notice, Alpha put together a mock trial including two complete juries, secured the site, and even made lunch arrangements for all participants which saved the firm significantly in terms of time, effort and headaches in coordinating the event. The online availability and storage of transcripts and exhibits is convenient and easily accessible. We have made arrangements through Alpha for court reporters in other cities and states and all we have to do is make one call to Alpha. There is no decision to be made in our office when we need a reporter or videographer. We call Alpha Reporting. They have never let us down.

—K. Gordon, Secretary Owens Law Firm PA

I enjoy dealing with Alpha.  Your office is always so helpful when I call.  Your searchable transcripts are a huge timesaver, not tomention your nationwide scheduling service i a lifesaver.  All I have to do is email my notice and you set up conference rooms, videographers, reproters and even have lunch brought in for the attorneys.  Alpha does it all.

—Lindsay Lannon, Paralegal

One of the ways you learn is through listening, and listening to our clients is at the top of our list when it comes to hearing loud and clear.

—Kathy May, CEO/President

You actually wouldn't believe how many times I've been asked by firm owners ‘how does Alpha do it’ (after they see I've worked for Alpha on my resume). I always laugh, and tell them it's too many things to even begin to tell them. No firm I've worked for since I left Alpha has offered the kind of structure or options that Alpha offers their reporters.

—Sandra Ventura, LCR

Alpha is a very reputable company with a solid foundation, excellent values, and is very family oriented. It’s fun, exciting and rewarding to be a part of a company that loves giving back to our community, is supportive of its team members and their families, all in the true spirit of caring.

—Karen Byars, Client Development

I love the profession of court reporting, but the added bonus is being a member of such a great group of professionals, all supported by a company that stands behind, beside and in front to lead, guide and encourage.

—Gina Hunter, LCR

The Videographers of Alpha respect the legal profession, are innovative and always the first to embrace the latest in the ever changing world of technology, not to mention they are extremely skilled and professional. It is a pleasure to count myself among such a fine group.

—John May, CCV, Senior Videographer

A wise man once said, 'it is better to serve than to be served', which exemplifies Alpha. We stand ready to serve with 1st class service, professionalism and appreciation.

—Kathy May, Alpha CEO

Clients are quick to acknowledge that having the realtime feed with immediate access to the transcript makes examining a witness a smoother process and a more thorough examination.

—Korian Neal, RPR, CCR, LCR, CLR

As someone that has experience with streaming, the technology that is now on the market has vastly improved over the last few years, making live video/text streaming a great economical alternative when it comes to bringing people together face-to-face across the country.

—Kevin Richmond, Videographer

I have been with Alpha now for over twelve years. As a previous agency owner myself, I recognize that Kathy May and company run Alpha reporting very well, very fair, very professional

—Brian Dominski, LCR, former agency owner, RPR, RMR, RPR

I have worked with different court reporting firms, independents, as well as actually owning my own firm. To say that Alpha is a notch above is an understatement. Alpha was and is the place for me, making Alpha 1st in my book.

—Sheri Allen, LCR

Realtime has made a major difference in my life, in my income, cut down on my scoping time and made me a much better reporter. Getting started was the hardest part.

—Korian Neal, LCR, RPR, CLR

Having the opportunity to attend Mark's online classes has been like finding a gold mine for me!


"I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained."

—Walt Disney

Thank you for the prompt assistance; Alpha’s reliable and dependable service sets you apart from your competitors.

—Allan J. Wade, Esq.

The fact that Alpha offers benefits that support not only me but my family made my decision easy when it came to deciding where I wanted to pursue my career.

—Stephanie Faulkner LCR, CRI, CPE Stenograph Certified Training Agent