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Alpha offers three Easy Ways to Schedule a Court Reporter Local or Nationwide:

  1. For a quick timesaver:
    Email a schedule request and attach your notice to calendar-tn [at] veritext [dot] com.
  2. Call to personally speak to our local or nationwide schedulers at
  3. Complete our Online Schedule Now Form below.

When you schedule your jobs with Alpha, you will always receive a schedule confirmation e-mail within 24-hours of Alpha receiving your schedule notice. All scheduled jobs will be confirmed again the day before the job date.

Schedule a Deposition

Schedule a Deposition

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 to upload your audio/video/document file(s) to Alpha by using our "" Drop File option. Our preferred file formats are: .MP3, .WAV, .WMA, .WMV, .MPG1, .MPG4, and .TXT.