Reporter Testimonials

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What Alpha court reporters say...

After taking a hiatus from Alpha it only took me 9 months to figure out where I belong. As a court reporter at Alpha I don't have to worry about billing, collecting or delivering transcripts. They even have a scoping and proofing department to make my life easier, which allows me more time with my family! I have actually worked with different court reporting firms, independents, as well as actually owning my own firm. To say that Alpha is a notch above is an understatement. Alpha was and is the place for me, making Alpha 1st in my book

—Sheri Allen LCR

It doesn't get any better than working for such a professionally run company that treats you like family.

—Terrie Brown LCR

I have loved working for Alpha. I left a very rewarding solo practice when I worked for myself, to come to work for Alpha, and I have never regretted my decision for even a second.

—Saprena Curry LCR

My favorite thing about working with Alpha Reporting is how the company is very family-oriented, while at the same time assisting the Alpha reporters in reaching their goals, both personally and financially.

—Brian Dominski LCR, former agency owner, RPR, RMR, RPR

I am so grateful to work for a company that provides such great office support. With the help of everyone at Alpha I am able to focus on being the best court reporter I can be.

—Kristy Farley LCR

The fact that Alpha offers benefits that support not only me but my family made my decision easy when it came to deciding where I wanted to pursue my career.

—Stephanie Faulkner LCR, CRI, CPE, Stenograph certified training agent

I love the profession of court reporting, but the added bonus is being a member of such a great group of professionals, all supported by a company that stands behind, beside and in front to lead, guide and encourage.

—Gina Hunter LCR

Reporting is my passion and the fact that I have an office that provides total support, from assignments, to production, to scoping and proofing, with the added plus of the benefit package, allows me to do what I enjoy most, and that is being a professional court reporter, my chosen career.

—Bobbie Hibbler LCR

I appreciate the opportunity to work for Alpha because this company is constantly pushing me to be a better reporter and live up to and hopefully exceed my potential as a good reporter!

—April Howard LCR

Never would I have envisioned a firm as large as Alpha,with the largest reporting force in our area, maintaining that small-company personalized level of support and care for everyone associated, from the staff, to the reporters and the clients who depend on Alpha.

—Cora Lewis LCR

When the tough get going and the going gets tough, Alpha remains true to the support of the Alpha Team and those who depend on this company for their livelihood. Thank you for the support and encouragement.

—Amy McCullough CSR, LCR

I have been with Alpha for most of my court reporting career, and they are like family to me. Kathy May and the entire Alpha team really take care of us, the reporters, and make sure our needs are met so that we can focus on the needs of our clients. We are like a well-oiled machine that just keeps on trucking.

—Marietta McElroy LCR

I came to Alpha in 1998, and based on my prior experience I didn't even know if I wanted to continue in this profession. Since joining Alpha I can honestly say there is no place I'd rather be. I am very thankful that our paths crossed.. . . I can now say 'I love my career'.

—Korian Neal RPR, CLR, LCR

My goal and passion for court reporting has been to stay abreast of the latest in technology, to become certified in providing realtime and LiveNote to clients. I love sharing with the clients information on how technology can help them in the practice of law. Tennessee has a jewel in Alpha.

—Monna McCormick Nickeson LCR, CLR, RPR, CCR

Since our merger five years ago, Alpha has been a great place to work. I have great assignment flexibility, super benefits and a wonderful support staff.

—Katherine Richmond RPR, LCR

Working with Alpha has been the best experience in my reporting career. Alpha always strives to make it a win-win for us as reporters and the company. I couldn't imagine working anywhere else.

—Cindy Swords CER, CET, ICDR, ICDT, LCR

I love the variety of jobs I get to experience reporting for Alpha, which allows me to keep learning about different subjects and refining my skills, which is much more diverse than I experienced while working on my own.

—Sandra Vaughn LCR

You actually wouldn't believe how many times I've been asked by firm owners ‘how does Alpha do it’ (after they see I've worked for Alpha on my resume). I always laugh, and tell them it's too many things to even begin to tell them. No firm I've worked for since I left Alpha has offered the kind of structure or options that Alpha offers their reporters.

—Sandra Ventura LCR

The staff, including the scoping and proofing department and production department is amazing, which allows the court reporters the time to go on more jobs. In addition, Lisa Richmond, the reporter coordinator is so sensitive to everyone's needs and circumstances, it makes working at Alpha a joy.

—Polly Wardlaw LCR

Being a reporter for over 30 years, I have worked with many different people. At Alpha Reporting I have the opportunity to work with great professionals who make it possible for me to offer many great services to our legal community. Our Alpha Team helps me be the best court reporter that I can be.

—Sheryl Weatherford RPR, LCR

Alpha makes my life so much easier!! Without the support of such amazing people I wouldn't be the mother and wife that I am today. Alpha works with my busy schedule, which allows for greater flexibility, less stress, and better income potential. I feel that everyone who is associated with Alpha Reporting is my extended family. Thank you to my Alpha Family for all that you do to make life easier and much more enjoyable.

—Dana Webb CCR, LCR

Realtime has made a major difference in my life, in my income, cut down on my scoping time and made me a much better reporter. Getting started was the hardest part.

—Korian Neal RPR, CLR, LCR