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Thinking Outside the Box - An Iconic Combination

Alpha Reporting Corporation and Gibson Court Reporting have joined together to form an alliance in the Knoxville and east Tennessee market to provide court reporting and related services.

Ken Gibson, owner of Gibson Court Reporting in Knoxville, and Kathy May, CEO of Alpha Reporting Corporation with offices in Memphis, Jackson and Nashville, are both icons in their industry with over 40 years each in the court reporting business.

“Little did I know 40 years ago that Alpha would literally be bridging the state and covering the nation with court reporting services, an industry and a profession that I have truly come to love and respect. It’s exciting to see Alpha expand into Knoxville with what will be an honor and great business opportunity to work with Ken and his team,” says Kathy. 

Alpha has been the leader in the Memphis market when it comes to technology and cutting-edge services in the court reporting industry. Kathy believes that with Ken’s business acumen and skilled reporting force in Knoxville, this move makes for a great win-win-win opportunity for both the Alpha Reporting and Gibson Court Reporting teams, but equally as important for, as Kathy puts it, “the Bar itself.”

The world of court reporting is getting smaller and smaller. According to a study sponsored by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), there will be an estimated 5,200 open positions for court reporters nationwide by 2018. Thinking outside the box, Ken and Kathy see this iconic combination as a way to help address the anticipated shortage in Tennessee while at the same time helping Alpha and Gibson to achieve their common goals. For Alpha, it means being able to provide its national and state clients with a location for videoconferencing and depositions in Knoxville. For Gibson, it means providing the Knoxville legal community with services like nationwide scheduling, videoconferencing, and courtroom technology, as well as increasing business for its court reporters.

Ken says, “This move combines the strengths of both companies. Gibson will be able to tap into Alpha’s statewide and national marketing efforts. Gibson will provide office space, reporters, and a support team for Alpha’s clients in Knoxville and east Tennessee. We have added in-house videoconferencing. Alpha will provide courtroom technology to Knoxville attorneys and bring other up-to-date technologies to our market. Alpha has a nationwide scheduling service that finds videoconference centers, court reporters, videographers, interpreters, and conference rooms for travelling attorneys. We can now provide our clients with additional support services. One of my goals is to help our court reporters succeed in a very competitive world. The only way for us to grow is to join forces with a company like Kathy’s. She is driven and totally dedicated to meeting the needs of the legal community. We see an opportunity for growth that I could not imagine previously. We are very fortunate to have this opportunity.”


Gibson Court Reporting's office is located at 606 West Main.  It is 11 minutes away from the Knoxville Downtown Island Airport, and the Skyranch Airport. It is also within walking distance from the Knox County Circuit Courthouse.

Their Knoxville office is equipped with spacious conference rooms and complimentary snacks and drinks. High-definition videoconferencing is available, as well as Polycom Speaker Phone system for the highest quality sound for your teleconference depositions.  Their staff will host your depositions and provide copying services for your documents. If they don’t have what you need, they will get it for you!

Contact Alpha today to schedule your next and future depositions. Here at Alpha, we bridge the state and cover the nation with skilled, efficient court reporters and state of the art accommodations, all provided with 1st Class Service.

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