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Kevin Richmond

Video Department Manager

Kevin Richmond, graduated from Arkansas State University and is from DeWitt, Arkansas. Kevin has been a member of Alpha Reporting’s video department and trial technology team since 2013.

Kevin’s favorite thing about his job is keeping up with the latest and greatest in technology and working with video and trial technology teams. In Kevin’s own words, “we are always thinking about how we can use technology to make ourselves better; while also giving our clients a competitive edge, when they need it most.” Kevin enjoys working for Alpha because people and family matter to Alpha. Kevin further states, “We are part of the Alpha Family, not just employees”.

Whatever the need or the task, Kevin is front and center in helping make it happen. You can depend on Kevin to solve the unsolvable.

In his spare time, Kevin enjoys watching sports, playing golf, doing yard work, and spending time with his wife, Lisa and his daughter Charley.

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