LiveDeposition Video Streaming - 1st Class

We Bridge the State and Cover the Nation
with 1st Class Live Deposition Video Streaming!

Need an expert in another state or an attorney in another country to attend a deposition? Do you want to avoid the hassle of boarding a plane, packing a bag and making hotel arrangements? An Internet web-based deposition may be your answer. Whether from the office or home, attorneys, experts, or paralegals, no matter where they are located, are now able to attend a video deposition by logging in to a secure server via the Internet. (Schedule Now) or (Contact Us)


Videotape chat capabilities and/or realtime video transcription services are all available as an inexpensive, effective option that you can use to attend a deposition wherever it may be. Get the job done effectively and in a way that saves time and an incredible amount of money for the parties involved.

  • No Software to Download
  • 100% Web-based
  • Available for tablets and smartphones
  • Live Video Feeds
  • Streaming Text Feed
  • Audio Broadcasting
  • Secure Private Group Chat
  • Secure Deposition Key
  • Exhibit Sharing
  • Transcript Exporting

For more information on our Live Deposition Video Streaming you can call our office and speak to Kevin Richmond at 1-800-556-8974, or email us at info [at] alphareporting [dot] com.

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