Picture-In-Picture Video Depositions - 1st Class

Picture-In-Picture Video Depositions

Studies show that visually learning information has a retention rate of 10%, while audibly learning information has a retention rate of 20%. When you combine the two, you are increasing the retention rate to 65%.

A Picture-In-Picture video does for evidence in a deposition exactly what a video does for testimony in a deposition. In other words, picture-in-picture is a video on steroids. It helps to enhance, convey and deliver a stronger
and more compelling message. 
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Picture-In-Picture Depositions eliminates doubt, boosts admissibility, increases flexibility, and piques interest.

Picture-In-Picture is capable of displaying from multiple sources:

  • Video Camera
  • Smart Phone
  • Laptop/Tablet Computer
  • Other HDMI devices

Picture-in-picture depositions. . .

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