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Legal Video Services: Depositions, Court Presentation

Having a deposition recorded on video adds more to your case. Capture the deponent, their tone of   voice, body language & inflection with Alpha High-Definition Video Deposition Services.

Why Use Legal Videography?

Improve your client's case and increase the odds of victory in court by creating a legal video deposition. This extra step could be the difference between winning or losing a case as deposition video has been known to help tell the whole story and fill in the blanks left by the traditional written transcript. Having a video deposition can expose telling clues, like body language, word inflection, and a hesitancy to answer the question, that are not recorded in a written testimony.

At Alpha Reporting, our trained legal video specialists bring the full story to life. Our video services include:

  • High-definition visuals
  • Professional-grade microphones
  • The use of backdrops and lighting
  • Picture-in-Picture
  • One set of master media for archive and duplication
  • Optional synchronization of video to written transcript

Our videographers arrive one hour before scheduled start time to ensure recording equipment is positioned for optimal recording, allowing proceedings to commence promptly at the scheduled start time.


How can Video Depositions Be Used?

Here are a few instances where you may want to consider using legal video services in conjunction with the deposition transcript:

  • If your witness has a busy schedule or a demanding job which makes finding the time for a court appearance difficult, video depositions can be used in place of in-court testimony.
  • If your witness is sick and unable to appear live in court, a deposition video can be an acceptable substitution. This is especially true for a terminally-ill witness whose health may continue to deteriorate between the examination and the actual court date.
  • If your witness lives far away from the court and the price of transportation and lodging prohibits them from traveling to the courtroom, a video deposition may be a more cost-effective way of presenting their side of the story.


Benefits of Depositions on Video

There are also additional reasons why choosing to create a legal video may be beneficial to your client’s case:

  • Clearly Present Evidence: A video deposition, as opposed to a written one, gives the jurors the opportunity to see your witness explain and support their testimony. By using a deposition video, your witness can clearly show the evidence and demonstrate their side of the story to the courtroom. This is especially true when presenting physical evidence that needs to be seen and heard.
  • Capture the Court’s Attention: The fact that a video deposition has a higher likelihood of holding the jurors’ attention than a written deposition makes it more beneficial. In today's high-tech world, people tend to get distracted easily and may get bored with a reading of a transcript but may be more drawn to a visual representation of the facts.
  • Decide the Best Course of Action: Furthermore, a deposition preparation video can be helpful for attorneys to use when deciding which witnesses to present during the trial. Viewing the witness and their testimony on screen can be more beneficial than simply reading the written deposition and may help jog your memory of who the witness is and what they can bring to the table.
  • Impeach a Witness: If a witness drastically changes their story from the time of the deposition to the trial, you have video proof to aid in their dismissal from the case. 

For more information on hiring a legal videographer or any of our other video services, call  1-800-556-8974 or email us at info [at] alphareporting [dot] com. You can also schedule a videographer with us right through our website.

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